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Travel Tips for Visiting Havana

For me, Cuba is one of those countries that are endlessly fascinating. History that is still occurring on a daily basis; the resilience and friendliness of Cubans, the natural beauty of the island and of course, the all-pervasive music and dance.
Having been to Cuba twice now for a total of 6 weeks, here are some (hem, hard-earned) tips for your trip. Read more

Being Weather Resistant

As far as I have been able to discern there are several rules to follow when dressing for the weather here;
1. Wear layers
2. Invest in merino clothing
3. Buy a decent jacket
When getting up, you need to check the weather forecast; is it going to be sunny? Cold? Wind? Rain? Wind and rain? This will be important. Read more

Ambling Along

Today it occurred to me how much my lifestyle has changed without access to a car.
I walk everywhere, and if I need to carry something, I do that too.
Like purchasing and then having to walk a quilt from Willis St to Thorndon, a distance of about 3km; or deciding I cannot live another moment staring at the artistically rendered and framed drawing of a club? pencil? wooden spoon? hung on the wall at the end of my bed, and so marching across Wellington to the art store (thinking about 2/3 of the way there that this was a long way) to purchase something more” me”, and then realising I have to also walk this back across the city and home. Read more

Embracing the Chaos

Reinventing Myself on Mexican Time

Dinner: A Love Story

My year living in Oaxaca, Mexico

Heart of Light

My year living in Oaxaca, Mexico

A Cup of Jo

My year living in Oaxaca, Mexico

Healthy Happier Bear

Adventures In Striving For A Healthy, Happier Life!

Simple Provisions

Food does not need to be fancy to be celebrated