Nasca Lines – Made by Aliens?

Viewed from the ground, the desert of Nasca in southern Peru resembles all other deserts; dust spirals whirling across a large flat plain made up of small rocks and a lot of sand. However when viewed from the air it becomes unique - the flat plains criss-crossed with what are now famously known as Nasca … Continue reading Nasca Lines – Made by Aliens?

Observations this week with UNESCO in town

So, five and half weeks in and Oaxaca is now feeling pretty much like home. I have my favourite cafes, people I like to buy street food from, vendors I say hi to each morning and favourite areas to walk. I am also starting to get a routine together which makes me feel a bit … Continue reading Observations this week with UNESCO in town

Repainting Oaxaca

In the last several weeks Oaxaca has been overcome with painters, with critical mass reached last weekend. Every building (or so it seemed) in the centro area was suddenly getting a new coat of paint. Walking down the footpaths turned into an obstacle course; dodging stacked paint buckets and navigating around ladders propped against the … Continue reading Repainting Oaxaca