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15 Essential Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Travel, at least for me, is about immersing yourself in new countries, experiences and cultures and seeing how you stack up. However travel doesn’t also have to be a hardship. In answer to what I consider my must-have accessories and gadgets when travelling. The below items have proven invaluable for me over the past year, so in no particular order… Read more

Shanghai: Tips

Carry water everywhere. Its blooming hot. And don’t drink the tap water – it contains lot of heavy metals. Again, I have it on good authority that 2 bottles in the first day for the uninitiated won’t harm you.

Shanghai has a brilliant Metro subway app Read more

Picking a Good Travel Day Pack

Good travel gear is something of a thing with me

My day pack for instance was the result of 6 weeks of research, and buying one dud pack (Macpac, what are you doing?) before I stumbled across my final pick

My absolute must have feature was that it be hard for someone to furtively steal your stuff as you were carrying it, as when you travel crowds are a given, and its always good when you can come out the other side with everything you started with.

After many contenders, I think I have found a veritable fortress! Read more

Flightlines and Airstreams

I probably wont be flying in this type of plane, but you get the ideaAfter some fine tuning, this is my almost final route to Oaxaca, and then home – with a months travel each side end of my (almost) year in Mexico

Like any good Antipodean traveller, I have maximised my travels by using an around the world ticket to Oaxaca. All those new places to explore! I have tweaked the list of stopovers quite compulsively based on the fact I will not earning anything for a year. Amsterdam (90 euro/night) has been replaced by Lisbon (32 euro/night). There is a backpackers in Boston, and I have even found a B&B in Brooklyn for less than $60 a night. The planned 4 day stopover in  Singapore has also been chopped to a shadow of its former glory, now with just 18 hours on the ground between one flight and the next. Read more

Embracing the Chaos

Reinventing Myself on Mexican Time

Dinner: A Love Story

My year living in Oaxaca, Mexico

Heart of Light

My year living in Oaxaca, Mexico

A Cup of Jo

My year living in Oaxaca, Mexico

Healthy Happier Bear

Adventures In Striving For A Healthy, Happier Life!

Simple Provisions

Food does not need to be fancy to be celebrated