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Top Apps for Travel

I did start travelling before smart phones came into existence (yes, I am that old) and those were the days when you travelled carrying bulky guide books, used traveller’s cheques, found internet cafes to email home, searched for accommodation once you were actually at your destination and discovered things to do and see by chatting with other travellers.
Today you can pretty much plan your entire trip before you leave home, and getting off the grid is harder and harder as the world becomes more connected.

Following on from my top travel accessories and gadgets, here are my favourite smart-phone apps for travel Read more

Fugue State

I have reached that stage again; the one where I am not sleeping enough and my first thoughts when I bing awake at 4am are ones of organisation, planning and packing. I am not surprisingly dead set exhausted and dragging through the week in a type of fugue state. I am not sure whether it is Wednesday or Thursday – in fact it could be actually be Tuesday and that wouldn’t surprise me either. Read more

Back to (Planning for) the Future

For some reason this week my attention has turned to the future and more specifically, the next part of my year; heading to Oaxaca.
Here is what I have been thinking about this week, and writing it out like this does also help explain why I got to the weekend exhausted from sheer mental effort; I do also have a full time day job! Read more

Flightlines and Airstreams

I probably wont be flying in this type of plane, but you get the ideaAfter some fine tuning, this is my almost final route to Oaxaca, and then home – with a months travel each side end of my (almost) year in Mexico

Like any good Antipodean traveller, I have maximised my travels by using an around the world ticket to Oaxaca. All those new places to explore! I have tweaked the list of stopovers quite compulsively based on the fact I will not earning anything for a year. Amsterdam (90 euro/night) has been replaced by Lisbon (32 euro/night). There is a backpackers in Boston, and I have even found a B&B in Brooklyn for less than $60 a night. The planned 4 day stopover in  Singapore has also been chopped to a shadow of its former glory, now with just 18 hours on the ground between one flight and the next. Read more

My other fulltime job

There is so much to get done and organised before I can step on the plane in 3 months. Yes, it was 3 months 3 days ago! Time is just zooming on by, and I have been waking up in the middle of the night with yet more “to do” items to add to my list to then be scheduled, done and crossed off.

The week after next I have the travel doctor for my vaccinations. Apparently Central America has a stronghold on obscure diseases so that means I will need lots of vaccinations at large prices. And rabies! Did you know that rabies is near 100% fatal if you have contracted it? Read more

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