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Street Food: Elotes & Esquites

Oaxaca has some fantastic street food, and most people living here have a favourite meal and or snack, and street cart from which to buy it. Street food vendors all have their own designated area – important so there are no disputes, and doubly important so you can easily find your preferred vendor.
Elotes (e-lot-tays) and esquites (es-key-tays) are basically corn with toppings. This functional description however belies their deliciousness. Think corn kernels, charcoal-charred and smoky-sweet, combined with salty cheese, a hit of chilli and the tang of lime. Hungry? Read more

Thoughts on Volunteering Part 2

Volunteering overseas exposes you to people, lifestyles, history and daily life different to anything you would find at home, and as such, encourages you to grow and develop further as a person but there are other aspects to consider as well.
Following on from part 1, here are the rest of my thoughts (or at least another 5 of them) on volunteering overseas. Read more

Thoughts on Volunteering Part 1

Since I have been volunteering overseas, I have had people email me to ask how I went about organising it, especially since I didn’t go through an official programme like AusAid, Peace Corp or VSA. Most people mention (because it’s also true) volunteering overseas is the best, most life-changing experience you can do. Read more

Get Up to Get Down

Mexicans are encouraged to dance from the moment they can stand. Dancing has been part of Mexican tradition since the country’s pre-Hispanic history and is an integral part of their history and culture. Every year in July the city of Oaxaca holds the immensely popular 2 week festival Guelaguetza, celebrating traditional costumed dance and music of local towns.

I took a colectivo home last week, and as we waited at the traffic lights, I could see through open dance studio windows, where couples were pressed against each other, learning new routines. Dancing is considered a skill everyone should know and both men and women pride themselves on their abilities. Read more

Christmas Ponche

Last night I arrived at the end of a posada at one of the local Spanish schools, just in time to have a cup of hot Ponche Navideño (pon-chay). I could smell the ponche from the gate as I entered; a wonderful sweet and spicy stewed fruit smell. Read more

Embracing the Chaos

Reinventing Myself on Mexican Time

Dinner: A Love Story

My year living in Oaxaca, Mexico

Heart of Light

My year living in Oaxaca, Mexico

A Cup of Jo

My year living in Oaxaca, Mexico

Striving for moderation while taking in all that Europe has to offer!

Simple Provisions

Food does not need to be fancy to be celebrated