Street Food: Elotes & Esquites

Oaxaca has some fantastic street food, and most people living here have a favourite meal and or snack, and street cart from which to buy it. Street food vendors all have their own designated area – important so there are no disputes, and doubly important so you can easily find your preferred vendor. Elotes (e-lot-tays) … Continue reading Street Food: Elotes & Esquites

Thoughts on Volunteering Part 2

Volunteering overseas exposes you to people, lifestyles, history and daily life different to anything you would find at home, and as such, encourages you to grow and develop further as a person but there are other aspects to consider as well. Following on from part 1, here are the rest of my thoughts (or at … Continue reading Thoughts on Volunteering Part 2

Thoughts on Volunteering Part 1

Since I have been volunteering overseas, I have had people email me to ask how I went about organising it, especially since I didn’t go through an official programme like AusAid, Peace Corp or VSA. Most people mention (because it's also true) volunteering overseas is the best, most life-changing experience you can do. Volunteering overseas … Continue reading Thoughts on Volunteering Part 1

Get Up to Get Down

Mexicans are encouraged to dance from the moment they can stand. Dancing has been part of Mexican tradition since the country’s pre-Hispanic history and is an integral part of their history and culture. Every year in July the city of Oaxaca holds the immensely popular 2 week festival Guelaguetza, celebrating traditional costumed dance and music … Continue reading Get Up to Get Down

Christmas Ponche

Last night I arrived at the end of a posada at one of the local Spanish schools, just in time to have a cup of hot Ponche Navideño (pon-chay). I could smell the ponche from the gate as I entered; a wonderful sweet and spicy stewed fruit smell. I have finally started to acclimatize here. … Continue reading Christmas Ponche