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Colourful Valparaiso

Sunday, Valparaiso city centre, 2 hours north of Santiago.
I have just taken a creaking and groaning rickety wooden funicular up one of Valparaiso’s steep hills – saving myself from climbing literally hundreds of concrete stairs to the top.
My plan is to wander through the neighbourhood at the top, crossing into the next neighbourhood to take another funicular back down to the city centre below. As I make my way up the street a jeep screeches to a halt next to me Read more

Scenes Through Bus Windows II: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile to Salta, Argentina

It was a good thing I had done a trial walk to the bus station from my hostel – the bus station was not in fact the dusty parking lot the bus had dropped us in arriving in San Pedro de Atacama. Noooo it was much much further away. Always a good thing to realise before toting a 17.5kg pack, a daypack and a full water bottle (What? Those things are heavy!).

The bus was meant to leave San Pedro de Atacama at 9:30am. As 10:30am neared, and factoring in a 10-11 hour bus ride, I was pretty sure I would be trying to navigate my way around Salta (sans the correct currency) about midnight… Read more

Lisbon: City of Seven Hills and Billions of Cobblestones part 2


Yesterday (Tuesday) I managed to spend 16 hours out and running around Lisbon so I am actually looking forward to being able to take things a little easier when I get to Mexico (and sleeping just that little bit more). I started my day in the central square downtown and spent most of the day zipping around Lisbon in an army style jeep with 3 others, spiraling up and down the hills, squeezing through the narrow streets of Barrio Alto, skirting the Moorish castle Castelo de Sao Jorge, heading over the 25th of April bridge and climbing the Cristo-Rei statue to gaze upon one of the best views to Lisbon from across the river. Read more

Lisbon: City of Seven Hills and Billions of Cobblestones part 1

I arrived into Lisbon via high speed train from Porto (3 hours) and got off to find it was 34C. I took the blue line metro to where I was going to be based, Chiado, a residential area established in 1567. Walking up yet another inclined street halfway up one of Lisbon’s seven hills, I had to break for gelato while re-orienting myself with a map and get out from under my pack (but seriously, do you really need a reason for gelato?)

Since Monday I have done 3 organised tours around Lisbon which has been great as now I know more of Lisbon’s history, and also allowed me to let someone else do the driving for a bit, but it also means that I earmarked today (Wednesday) as a day where I am plan-free, and can just wander where I want, following the streets up and down hills and stopping for food when I find somewhere cute. Read more


On Friday I rose at the now completely familiar hour of 4:45am, got my stuff together as quietly as I could and left my Athens accommodation under the lightening sky.
I walked through Plaka’s quiet stone laneways, scented with Night-flowers and freshly baking breads down to Monastrika station.
My first destination of the day was the port of Pireaus where I would then get my 7am ferry to Milos, arriving at 10:45am. Read more

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