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Fugue State

I have reached that stage again; the one where I am not sleeping enough and my first thoughts when I bing awake at 4am are ones of organisation, planning and packing. I am not surprisingly dead set exhausted and dragging through the week in a type of fugue state. I am not sure whether it is Wednesday or Thursday – in fact it could be actually be Tuesday and that wouldn’t surprise me either. Read more

The Red Zone

Last night I went to a farewell dinner for 2 of my work colleagues here in Christchurch at Winnie Bagoes. It was a fantastic relaxed night with great people and great pizza!

I decided to walk back to my B&B from the restaurant, and realised my route took me through the red zone of central Christchurch.
I found out later that the cordon through this area was only lifted 26 days ago on June 30th 2013. It had been continuously staffed by soldiers for the 857 days since the city centre was closed, following the deadly February 22nd 2011 earthquake. Read more


I have escaped the ongoing earthquakes in Wellington by flying to Christchurch. Because it make sense to go to a place that was completely munted by two earthquakes three years ago, and which they are still rebuilding. Read more

An unexpected long weekend

Yesterday morning, during another sizeable earthquake before breakfast, I raced out of bed down my hallway though the kitchen and was about to head outside when I realized, I am not dressed for this.

I spent Sunday mostly lounging around; doing chores, cooking, reading, watching DVDs, monitoring compulsively and reaffirming all the quakes I felt and their recorded sizes, then at precisely 5:09pm we got the largest earthquake so far. A 6.5 magnitude earthquake was centred in the Cook Strait, 20 kilometres east of Seddon at a depth of 17 kilometres. Read more


So, today I experienced my first earthquake since being back in NZ this time. Something I could have lived without. It wasn’t even on my list of things to do!

Super scary but all is OK. It was a 5.7 magnitude, but shallow with an epicentre 8km deep which explained the classification of severe.

Luckily at the time, I was in the office that has recently been earthquake strengthened. The building swayed quite alarmingly, but that is actually meant to happen so all went to plan. Nothing broke, nothing fell off shelves, it was really just the disconcerting knowledge that the ground is moving, and everyone knows the ground is not meant to do that. Ever. Read more

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