Changing Lives with $100

After seeing firsthand the difference the equivalent of $100 makes to women living in the small communities outside of Oaxaca, I will never look at (or thoughtlessly spend) money the same way again. My friend Lupita is 43, widowed and raising three teenaged boys on her own in the small community of Teotitlán del Valle. … Continue reading Changing Lives with $100

How to Make Chocolate

I learned to make chocolate in my first week in Oaxaca; I am all about learning the essential skills! Obviously, it is a very important ability to have anywhere, but especially in Mexico, where chocolate was originally created, and where it still plays a very important role in daily life, festivals and celebrations. Chocolate was … Continue reading How to Make Chocolate

5 Hours in Zurich

As Swiss trains are so punctual, if you have time, a stopover in Zürich means that you do not necessarily have to stay at the airport. Check in your bag if it’s not already checked through to your destination, and then if you want, also leave extra luggage at the left luggage counter (4CHF) so … Continue reading 5 Hours in Zurich