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NASA: It’s Only Rocket Science

So I thought the Space Centre would be a little like Disneyland, bright shiny rockets lying about to climb in and simulators everywhere to try my hand at space landings. Sadly for me, it’s not. The NASA Johnson Space Centre in Houston is actually a working centre and people you meet there are busy working on the Orion spacecraft for the next challenge – to go into deep space. Read more

It Might Be A Bear

Getting up at 5am for the bus to Yosemite was a little bit of a struggle. It’s a 4 hour bus ride from San Francisco which means you really need to stay overnight to get a chance to hike some of the trails. And luckily for me, that’s what I did. Read more

New York City

Yesterday afternoon after getting off the train at Penn Station, catching the subway across to Brooklyn and shedding my pack in Williamsburg, I caught the subway back into Chambers St in Manhattan and then walked BACK into Brooklyn across the Brooklyn Bridge and then navigated my way under it to explore DUMBO or Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Read more

Amtrak – Boston to NYC

I wouldn’t normally give a train ride its own post, but seriously, this is such a beautiful journey from Boston to New York City. In fact in 2012, Amtrak carried more riders between New York and Boston than all of the airlines combined.

The train was packed with people being Columbus (or as some people referred to it, invasion) day – its the second busiest travel day of the American calendar, Thanksgiving being the other.
I got on at Back Bay station in Boston, and off at the only stop in NYC, Penn Station. The rest of the time was spent staring out the window at the amazing fall foliage and New England scenery. Read more

Bawstin (Boston)

I now get what people mean when they say fall is beautiful in New England. With the wooden houses perched on hills surrounded by fall foliage – trees ablaze with reds and ambers and yellow fields, it is such a pretty place.
The air also has a stillness to it, and with all the Halloween decorations hung from lamp-posts and in store windows, I can totally understand the undercurrent of New England covens and witchcraft. After all, the town of Salem is just 40km further up the road. Read more

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