Wellington – City of Stairs

Ok, so it’s not quite the ring that maybe Auckland –City of Sails has, but at least this way you are letting tourists know what they are in for when they attempt to go for a casual stroll, only to find that like Yazz, the only way is up. I really hope that the stairclimbing … Continue reading Wellington – City of Stairs

Now is the time to start pedalling

I bought my return flight to Melbourne on Monday. It's actually for the first week of September, however there was a massive flight sale on so it made sense to get it all done and dusted. It kind of puts this Wellington period into perspective too. I have already been here 6 weeks (wow) and … Continue reading Now is the time to start pedalling

Pulp Friction and Death on Wheels

On Saturday night I went to my very first roller derby at the Richter City Roller Derby league. Other than knowing the skaters had very clever subversive names, everything else I knew was from that Drew Barrymore film a couple of years ago (although I have got that film and Juno mixed up as the … Continue reading Pulp Friction and Death on Wheels

Being Weather Resistant

As far as I have been able to discern there are several rules to follow when dressing for the weather here; 1. Wear layers 2. Invest in merino clothing 3. Buy a decent jacket When getting up, you need to check the weather forecast; is it going to be sunny? Cold? Wind? Rain? Wind and … Continue reading Being Weather Resistant