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In November of 2012, I hatched a plan to take leave of my life in Melbourne, Australia, and move to the other side of the world (Oaxaca, Mexico) to spend a year volunteering for a microloans NGO. After working through all the logistics of packing up life in one country to start again in another, I have actually managed to do that twice in 2013…

This blog is intended to not only reassure people at home that I have not been kidnapped by drug lords (are they still called that?) but also to document my year living in a city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, integrating into the local culture, improving my Spanish, volunteering my business skills and eating amazing food (except the fried grasshoppers, maybe not them)

I was gearing up to head to Oaxaca, when in Feb 2013, I was offered a job in Wellington, New Zealand, which allowed me a bit more financial freedom for my year away from paid employment.
As such, I spent 6 months living and working in Wellington – through many severe-rated earthquakes, sinkholes and large storms (no, seriously) and whilst trying to see as much of the New Zealand I grew up in as I could in my weekends.


I finally flew into Oaxaca (via eight different countries – hey, when you travel you should see all the sights, right?) in mid October 2013. I threw myself into learning Spanish, and saw many many fiestas whilst training myself not to jump with the seemingly endless cojetes. I have eaten all types of local food, and learned to navigate my way around the city and the countryside via first class bus, second class bus, rocket vans, colectivos and on foot.

Now however, it is time to start the 5 month journey back to my side of the world. Join me on my travels and adventures through Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.


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  1. Hi Jodi! I just found out your amazing blog and I would like to exchange a few thoughts with you. Can you give me your email please? Thanks you and lots of love! xxx Ana

  2. Interesting your site, I’m an ex NZer, have lived here since 1971!!! now in Pachuca, Hidalgo. Could never imagine going back to live in NZ but love to visit. A Swiss woman once told me years ago and still is so true “Every day in Mexico is like a new adventure” I’m sure you will fall in love with Mexico.

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