Leaving Oaxaca

So, its my last day here in Oaxaca.

I love love love travel, but the downside of it is that there are always so many goodbyes.

I have had a ball here for almost a year, met some fantastic people, done some amazing stuff, caught unusual transport, eaten some more unusual food and learned Spanish well enough to hold a decent conversation.
Even though it will be out of sight, Oaxaca will remain in my heart forever.


Stay tuned for my new adventures in South America!

6 thoughts on “Leaving Oaxaca

  1. Jodi, enjoy your next adventures in South America. Take care. Thank you for sharing Oxacana with us it was a great years read.

  2. I’m sure you left a lasting impression for so many people in Oaxaca. Sure loved my short time there in April. Safe travels. Lee

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