Update: Corazón de Luz

Our fundraising campaign has now been live for 2 weeks!
As you might remember, we want to provide families living in small communities surrounding Oaxaca their FIRST EVER family photos.
I have been humbled by people’s generosity!

Thank you so so much for your interest and assistance in this project.

Currently we are half-way to our goal of providing photo packets of one 6×8″ print and three 4×6″ prints for 600 families.


Fundraising Update
Thanks to your generous donations, we have currently raised enough money to provide photo packets to 311 families. We still have a little way to go, so please tell your friends, your family and your neighbours about this great cause.
We will be fundraising for another 3 weeks to reach our goal – so we can provide 600 families with family photos. If you have not received a response from me after your donation, please email me

How to Donate
As a reminder (you still have time) you can donate to this project using credit card or paypal here

If you are in Australia or New Zealand, please email me at volunteer(at)gmail(dot)com for local bank account details if you would prefer to do a direct bank deposit.

And of course, if you are in Oaxaca, you can also just drop into the En Via office, on the corner of Niños Heroes and Avenida Juárez that opens to a beautiful garden. Just ask someone in the front office to direct you to us.

Community Update:
We have started telling people in the different communities in which we will have a photo ‘studio’ day, and so far people are very excited about the prospect of a family photo to display in their houses. The first question they have is ‘when?’, and they look around for their children, in case we are holding it right now, and they might miss out.

Please tell your friends, your school, your family and others about this project. For such a little amount, you can give a family in Santo Domingo Tomaltepec, Abasolo, Tlaochuaya, Teotitlan del Valle, San Miguel del Valle or Diaz Ordaz a lasting memory and preserve a piece of their family history for future generations to see.

Thanks again