Corazón de Luz: Help Us Provide Lasting Memories!

We want to take, print and give family photos to local families in Oaxaca who currently do not have family photos and don’t have access to keeping their precious memories this way.
Help us fund this project so we can provide family photos for free.

The Idea
As you know by now, I am a volunteer with Fundación En Vía, a local organisation which provides interest-free microloans to women. Recently I took photos of some of the women we visited on tour, and once back in Oaxaca I got prints made at a local lab. The next time I saw these women I handed them their photos.
After exclamations of surprise and joy, they all wanted to know when they could get others taken. The photos were smoothed flat by careful hands and placed gently into the pockets of their embroidered aprons to carry home.

Ernestine, like many people living in the communities surrounding Oaxaca, has never had a photograph of her grandparents. They died several years ago, and although they are firmly in her heart, she cannot show their picture to her children, aged 16 and 18. The family has never had a photo together either, and other than calendar pictures of saints, the women we visit on Fundación En Vía tours seldom have many, if any, photos displayed in their houses. Over time it slowly dawned on me that this is because the Mexican families we work with don’t have cameras available or accessible.

The Plan
I will be going with volunteers to each community Fundación En Vía works in; Teotitlán del Valle, Abasolo, Tlacochahuaya, Diaz Ordaz, San Miguel del Valle and Santo Domingo Tomaltepec and setting up a photo “studio” in each village. P1050721
During the designated day in each community, the “studio” will be open to families for photos taken by me with family information documented by other volunteers.
fter printing the photos in Oaxaca, we will return the following week to hand out photo packets. We will also email an electronic copy to those people with access to email.

Each family will receive one large (6×8”) and three smaller (4×6”) prints, making the cost of each family photo packet 16 pesos (around US$1.23, AUS$1.33 or NZ$1.44). The project’s goal is to provide photo packets to 600 families, a total of approximately US$750. Labour for the project will be provided for free by me and other volunteers.
All digital photos will be stored with Fundación En Vía, along with any remaining money from the Corazon de Luz fundraising so more copies can be printed in the future.

What We Need: Your Help to Fund this Project
We will be collecting donations for approx 6 weeks, from now until mid-July 2014. You can donate to this project using credit card or paypal here.

If you are in Australia or New Zealand and would prefer to do a direct bank deposit, please email me at volunteer(at)gmail(dot)com for local bank account details.

What’s Next?
I will keep you updated on our fundraising progress, and the actual photo studio days in this blog.

Thanks so much for your interest and your support,

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