Mexican Time

Time in Mexico is a funny thing – it’s like elastic. One moment you have the rest of the afternoon stretching out in front of you in which to do stuff, look up again and it’s suddenly dark.
My mornings are full of Spanish lessons, with the afternoons open to read, shop, do homework, wander the city, travel, visit ruins, volunteer and practice my Spanish on endlessly patient baristas and salespeople.

I have actually found adjusting to Mexican time-frames pretty easy – actually it’s kind of fantastic not to have many set time-frames and responsibilities at the moment given I still feel fairly exhausted. I think all the constant travelling has caught up with me, and goodness knows, I owe myself about 3 weeks in missed sleep.

Learning another language is also taking a lot of brainpower and it’s so frustrating to keep making verb tense mistakes, and forgetting words and rules I only learnt the day prior!!! I am finding that expressing myself in English is also hard at the moment – my brain wants to make Spanish sentence structures so I am really in a language-limbo. Normally I write my blog posts in my head as I am walking, before I sit in front of a computer to type it out, but this one has been difficult to pull from my brain given the sheer amount of other stuff I am trying to cram in there at the moment.

This week is dia los muertos, or more accurately the days of the dead – as it commences Oct 31 and goes through to November 2nd. It’s the second largest festival in Oaxaca, and already the city centre has swollen with more tourists visiting from other parts of Mexico, the United States and Canada, especially for this festival.
I will explain more about it in my next post, as celebrations start in earnest this week, and I want to have photos to show how colourful and vibrant the city has become with all the sand tapetes, altars, skeletons and catrinas decorating businesses, local parks and churches.

But for now, I need another coffee and to revise more verbs…