On Friday I rose at the now completely familiar hour of 4:45am, got my stuff together as quietly as I could and left my Athens accommodation under the lightening sky.
I walked through Plaka’s quiet stone laneways, scented with Night-flowers and freshly baking breads down to Monastrika station.
My first destination of the day was the port of Pireaus where I would then get my 7am ferry to Milos, arriving at 10:45am.

Milos is a volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea, just north of the Sea of Crete, and the southwestern-most island in the Cyclades group.
Milos is also famous for the Venus de Milos statue, which was found by a farmer in a buried niche near the village of Tripiti in 1820. The statue now stands in the Louve in Paris.

Milos is a large island (well as far as Greek Islands go), and its harbour, Adamas, is also the largest village on the island. You can hire scooters, motorbikes and cars to visit the other villages as they are all pretty close together in terms of distance, and there is also a regular bus between the larger villages.

Milos is also pretty famous for its beaches. Don’t like sand? there are pebble ones and rocky ones further down the island. The best part of Milos is that its quiet, so there is really nothing to do than read that book, work on your tan and determine who has the best ice cream in town.

2 thoughts on “Milos

  1. Hello Jodi! I am going to Greece next week and I am coming back from Santorini to Athens in the night ferry. I will arrive at 4:45am to Pireaus port, and I am wondering what to do in that area so early because my flight leaves at night. Is it safe to walk aroung the Pireaus that early? Is there way to find easily cafes or public transport? Thanks a lot!!!

    1. Hi Gina, there is not too much to do in the port area, so i would actually follow the crowd off the ferry and get a taxi up to the syntagma square area. Get a taxi over a bus – no more than 10 euro for the trip. You should be OK at that time as its quiet but there are people about. Around Mitropoleos st off Syntagma square there are cafes you can sit and have breakfast at to plan your day. Have fun!

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