Pit Stop in Melbourne

Melbourne is pretty much the same as I left it – with the exception of a 3 new Prime Minister’s in the last 6 months, a couple of new inner city alleyways have been created, Vietnamese springroll lunch bars have sprung up in the city (see what I did there) and petrol has gone up 20c/litre.

Driving into the city from the airport felt weird. Weird in that it felt exactly the same – like I had never been away, but also weird in the fact that it doesn’t feel like I live here anymore (which, is actually true).


I hit the ground running after off the plane on Monday with to do lists in hand and appointments scheduled in. I had dinners and lunches and breakfasts with friends which is nice and an easy way to catch up with everyone – however briefly in my 4 days here. I have enjoyed the ease with which I have managed to get everything done in Melbourne – the next time I do home organisation tasks it will also be in Spanish, which will be a lot more challenging.
It’s my first week off work but it hasn’t hit me that this is now a permanent state (wow). It feels more like a week’s holiday. The absence of paid employment is definitely something I am mindful of however, and I am already watching my money and questioning whether I really need things.

I have also jettisoned more items from my pack. The way I am going I will end up in Mexico with a dress and a pair of jandals. Melbourne definitely feels more like summer is on its way than Wellington does at the moment. I cannot believe I am about to head into another winter, albeit one where the average temperature is 25C but still! Daylight savings finishes in Mexico about 2 weeks after I arrive – so the end of October.

Tomorrow it’s a nice early 3:30am rise so I can return my rental car before boarding a 6am flight to Sydney and then a 9:30am flight to Shanghai.

I thought I would have been a bit more stressed out about now – it’s a huge trip with lots of moving parts, ending in a city where I know no one. I am either so organised there is nothing left to stress about, or I am too damn exhausted to spare the headspace, or more likely, a combination of both.
I do wish however that I could just get some more sleep. I know that’s what I have been moaning about for the last 3 months, but seriously! At least all the early mornings have helped me to get everything done.

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