Logistics of Leaving

The past fortnight I haven’t managed to sleep through the night; waking up to start my day at 3.14am, 4.46am, 5.02am; it has got a little better now in my final couple of days before I leave, or maybe I have just got better at the early starts. I am so calm during the day. I am still focussed on finishing out my projects at work.

However at night when my subconscious rises to take control, I am pretty sure I have been spending my sleeping hours in a chaotic kaleidoscope of thoughts: the logistics of travelling three-quarters of the way around the world and visiting eight separate countries, the things I need to do to pack my flat up and sort everything into piles: take with me, leave here, throw out, take but leave in Melbourne.

The closeness of my leaving date has started to manifest itself in my waking perception now. I sit in cafes and all of a sudden things are sharper and clearer, like things are when you are about to leave them behind, and I find myself thinking what it will be like to get my coffee whilst people-watching in a café overseas – the Greek islands, Mexico, ordering the stuff that passes for coffee in the States.

Leaving has been a little easier this time as I am saying goodbye to people in a gradual taper. Also, after 6 months in Wellington, I don’t really have too much stuff to pack up, and luckily this time I don’t have to worry about transporting my cat, finding tenants and ensuring I have organised mail forwarding and direct debits here.

Tips for leaving (remember these for the next move)

1. Don’t think you will eat everything that is left in your fridge. You won’t. In the last week you will be eating out with friends A LOT so factor on eating anything left in your house in the final month, not final week.

2. Hire cars are heaps cheaper (read: no daily hire fee) if you go where they need cars transported. For example, driving from Wellington to Auckland, cars are practically thrown at you as rental companies need to move their stock back up to Auckland, which is where most tourists get off the plane and pick up a rental car from. I even had the option of driving a Mercedes Benz S500 V8 back up to Auckland. However, from Wellington to Hamilton – not such a huge demand. In fact, I am getting charged an extra $75 just to drop my rental in Hamilton. Good thing I wasn’t dropping off in Te Kuiti.

3. Get a cleaner in the day before the house inspection. I know, Captain Obvious, but it is just one more thing off the list.

4. Keep the box your dinner-set came in – as when packing up, it all just Tetrises back in making your life super simple. And relieving you of the need for find all that newspaper to wrap things in.

5. Add people’s contact details (phone number, email address, street address) into your phone. This way, when synced, it will hit the cloud, and then you have all the information stored for later use.

6. Photocopy and scan any important documents so you have records on hand (electronically) if needed. This includes direct debit applications, birth certificates, tax returns, passport info etc etc.

Only 2 days left in Wellington – it’s becoming really real now.

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