Another walk up another hill

Last Saturday dawned sunny and bright and so I headed off after breakfast to climb Te Ahumairangi Hill (Tinakori Hill). The idea of this walk has been especially annoying me as the hill is right behind my suburb, so since I arrived in Wellington in March, every day I look at it and think –that’s something I need to do.


I headed up Grant St to the Waterworks entrance, and after stepping off the road, I found myself surrounded by bush and birdsong. It still blows me away that Wellingtonians have this sort of wild natural reserve access so close to the city. So very cool. It was a bit boggy in places due to the rain we got this week – and in the early paths, I was walking up a small shale bottomed creek to the trailhead

There are bits of the Northern Walkway which are closed as the path is completely blocked by trees fallen in the big storm we had about a month ago

At least the path is MEANT to be closed

the trail is under there
the trail is under there

You can however walk around and across (like a log bridge) several of the downed trees to get through (or so I imagine) to the path as it emerges from the stick-fest. Other than birdsong, it was completely quiet and still as I walked through the trees, like I was the only person in the world.


I walked for about an hour and as I was descending back to the road at the other end of the ridgeline, met one other walker just starting out.


Tinakori Hill and Mt Vic bracket Wellington city and so now finally I can say I have seen the city from both vantage points. Now when I head to work and see Tinakori Hill standing over my suburb with its top in mist, I think to myself, I’ve been up there. And it feels so satisfying.

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  1. That story was awesome Jodi. Maybe you could walk up Mount Crawford next. There are cows!!!

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