Wellington – my first fortnight

Well its all been a mad lunchtime rush to offices in which to queue with forms in hand to get the essentials of Wellington life organised. So far I have a Snapper card, bank account, bank cards, library card, flybuys card, internet connection, drivers license in the mail and Sky (cable television) getting installed next Saturday.

I have also (aside from going to work) been out to dinners, breakfast, lunch, found a Spanish tutor and joined a book group, a cooking class and a photography workshop. I have taken the cable car to Kelburn and then walked back home via the Botanical Gardens. I walk home through the grounds of the Beehive each night.


I have bought 3 winter jumpers, a woollen hat and a merino top. I am so excited for cool weather! (I know that excitement will last until my third day of cold windy weather whereby I will be completely over being cold and wish for all my summer clothes again). I have also bought a Wellington raincoat – which I will explain in a later post but suffice to say this is one scientifically engineered garment!

I have negotiated my way through the wonders of standby air travel -whereby you purchase a remarkably reduced ticket on the next departing flight to your choice of destination, then wait in the airport heart in mouth until 30 mins before your intended flight departs, at which precise time (definitely no earlier as you will get sent away) you head back to the desk to confirm whether there were spare seats. You exchange your handwritten A4 pseudo-ticket for a very real boarding pass which will let you continue on to the departure gates feeling as relieved and light as if you had just finished a very complex pop exam.

Now its one working day until Easter weekend which I am spending in Hamilton with my parents and my cat. Days feel like they are zipping past, and yet I can account for my time so I guess that’s a good thing. I think that my 6 months in New Zealand will go very fast.