How to transport a bicycle overseas

I know, I know, you can thank me later

1. Google how to pack bike for aeroplane travel

2. Obtain a bike box – where and how to be determined

3. Try to understand the origami positions bike needs to be broken down into to fit box by studying other people’s blog posts, triathlon sites & random googled diagrams

4. Decide that it all looks a bit hard, especially considering you still haven’t put on the bike computer you got for Christmas 3 years ago

5. Ring local bike store and ask whether they can pack bike for you


6. Identify all the extra clothes you want transported overseas and will not fit into your bags

7. Pack into a backpack/rubbish bag

8. Deliver to bike shop: bike and extra luggage to pad out bike box

9. Two days later pick up perfectly packed bike

10. Check in at airport with trolley precariously balancing bike box, backpack and carry on (cat is taking an earlier flight to me)