Yellow Stickers

All my extracurricular time this month has been used in making checklists of stuff I need to arrange, cancel, redirect, set up in a different way, pack and initiate.
I have lists in my phone, in the back of my work notes, on my ipad and on random sticky notes on various surfaces waiting to be combined onto another more senior list.

My stress levels have been at times overwhelming with the sheer amount of stuff to get done in a short space of time, but each time I pop through the other side thinking that this isn’t so hard and what IS hard is waiting until the departure date instead of taking a week off work early and doing it all NOW.
That, and lying on my bed in the afternoon with the French doors open looking at the sky and trying to imagine what my life in Wellington will be like.

I have been packing up my life in Melbourne whilst simultaneously trying to set up my new life in Wellington, NZ. And for only 6 months, which makes things a bit harder as most things are geared towards 12 months at a minimum.
Closing one house down and arranging for it to be property managed (and remembering which days are open house and to clean up my mess!) and going through the rental system in Wellington to find a house to step in to once off the plane.

And now I have an apartment in Wellington!
However, it does come with a story: For those of you who are not acquainted with yellow stickers, let me explain. Yellow stickers have been placed on some buildings in Wellington to denote buildings which are earthquake-prone (see photo at the top of this post which is an actual sticker stuck to the entranceway of the building in question).

Obviously in a big earthquake, all buildings are affected, but yellow stickered building owners now have to either strengthen or tear down their buildings within a certain timeframe, calculated using equation based on the number of people who regularly use the building, and for what purpose, how old the building is, and what sort of work is required to get it up to code.

I asked a friend in Wellington to check out the apartment for me on one of the open days and she reported it was cute but the building had a yellow sticker. Cue earthquake scenario freak outs by friends who had decided it was one step from being condemned. Earthquake-measure
After emailing the property manager for more information and a schedule of works, the building is strengthened; a couple of internal walls needs strengthening in other apartments (not the one I am looking at), and the sticker will not be taken down until that has been completed.

Its walking distance to everything: supermarket, pool, gym, work, cafes… and by far the best option I have seen (admittedly online). It has a kitchen and looks to get some sun, and has a private garden with grass.
After considering all the information, and the alternatives being advertised;I decided it’s for me and have taken out a lease for 6 months. Now I have a Wellington address!

If there are any large earthquakes, my plan is to wait it out in the garden and dodge falling masonry.

Now I am knee deep in boxes which form this weekend’s agenda, and only 13 days left before the big move.

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