If you want your plans to change, tell them to someone

So weird.You think you know what you are doing and then an opportunity comes along to tempt you to change your plans.

As I have mentioned, I will be spending a year volunteering in Mexico come April (or more to the point, May, by the time I have gallivanted around Europe). And people volunteering don’t earn money. Therefore such people tend to go into a pre-departure money related melt down and sign themselves up for market research and become truly miserly (bringing lunch to work every day, eating their way through their cupboards, even if it means the salt and pepper calamari in the freezer that has frozen into a calamari ice floe) in their efforts to save as much as possible before the departure date.

So, to the point I have been circling, I have been offered a job. In Wellington. New Zealand.wellington_nz_map
No, no, I am still going to Mexico.
Just now a couple of months later than originally planned.

This has good points and not so good points

In the plus column, the chance to earn serious money and completely set myself up so I don’t have to freak out about money while I am in Mexico

It also gives me a chance to trial my departure arrangements and confirm that the direct debits actually work and I haven’t forgotten anything vital. I can take Gizmo (my cat) to my parents and ensure he is OK. I will be able to save heaps and extend my time in Mexico, plus travel to Cuba and Costa Rica and wherever else without freaking out about how much it is all costing. I will also be able to really get stuck into my Spanish lessons in Wellington before I leave for Mexico. Wellington also has fantastic coffee and art and I will get to know the city again. No car means I will also get pretty fit with all those hills.

In the minus column, it means I won’t leave for Mexico until June, or maybe even September so I miss the European summer and associated high season prices.
I will need to pack a separate suitcase with Wellington appropriate clothes – and believe me, they are different to Mexico-suitable, or even summer clothes in general. And it will be weird-good moving back to NZ for a short time.

Anyway, to cut a very long story and several mentally overwhelmed internal conversations short, I have resigned from work. I have given March 13 the estimated arrival to work date in Wellington, and I am now figuring out that means I need to leave Melbourne on March 8th. With now carry-on, a suitcase, a pack, a cat and a bicycle. stripeyarms

It does feel a bit like I am being “other-directed” at the moment. Originally I was travelling for a year, a nice neat quantifiable period, and would slot back into my same job and life at the end of my travels. Now, I am away for probably 18 months in total, and I have quit my job. However it feels right, and I am excited as to what this year will bring. I guess stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “If you want your plans to change, tell them to someone

  1. Yep putting it out there by saying it to someone has always worked for me. Travel Europe in September. It can still be quite warm in places including London!

  2. I think Gismo will get the best of out of the year !! A new country , no problems with the home owners, as they will make great servants ! Yeah Right !! All the best , Much love. XXX

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