Flightlines and Airstreams

I probably wont be flying in this type of plane, but you get the ideaAfter some fine tuning, this is my almost final route to Oaxaca, and then home – with a months travel each side end of my (almost) year in Mexico

Like any good Antipodean traveller, I have maximised my travels by using an around the world ticket to Oaxaca. All those new places to explore! I have tweaked the list of stopovers quite compulsively based on the fact I will not earning anything for a year. Amsterdam (90 euro/night) has been replaced by Lisbon (32 euro/night). There is a backpackers in Boston, and I have even found a B&B in Brooklyn for less than $60 a night. The planned 4 day stopover in  Singapore has also been chopped to a shadow of its former glory, now with just 18 hours on the ground between one flight and the next.

I love most of the aspects of travel; planning, finding that overlooked but fantastic accommodation, determining how to get from the airport to the hotel (and through experience, not via the seedy side of town either), making myself understood in a language not my own, foreign supermarkets, the rush of navigating local public transport.
Long aeroplane trips, not so much. I was one of those people who could not sleep in a plane. I was the one who had seen ALL the movies on the flight. And half the TV series too.

Once I flew to San Francisco from Melbourne, did not sleep for 40 hours in total, and had such bad jetlag on the other end that I was throwing up in exhaustion. Well, not any more. I have discovered the wonders of prescription melatonin! Now I can sleep on the plane, and again at whatever local time bedtime is when I get to my destination.trip2013

I will do a post on my travel essentials a bit later – all those tips and tricks and gadgets I love.

What can you not travel without?

Oh, and Happy Australia Day