My other fulltime job

There is so much to get done and organised before I can step on the plane in 3 months. Yes, it was 3 months 3 days ago! Time is just zooming on by, and I have been waking up in the middle of the night with yet more “to do” items to add to my list to then be scheduled, done and crossed off.

The week after next I have the travel doctor for my vaccinations. Apparently Central America has a stronghold on obscure diseases so that means I will need lots of vaccinations at large prices. And rabies! Did you know that rabies is near 100% fatal if you have contracted it?

So I think a rabies shot is also the go, even though I do not plan on being around anything that might bite me.

Today I also went back to the gym. To cancel my membership. First time I have set foot in there since mid December, and it was so much easier getting the motivation to walk over there and cancel rather it has been to actually go and do a class.


And now here I am trying to get myself familiar with this shiny new website/blog. It’s a bit complex at the moment but I can guarantee I will be brilliant at it by this time next year with the amount of practise I will have. The plan is to blog both so people at home can be a part of my life over there, and so I can journal of what will undoubtedly be a life changing year.