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Kapawi Amazon: 10 Days Walk From the Nearest Civilisation

I spent last week deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon basin. Getting there took most of the morning; a 4.5hr drive to Shell, then a 50 minute prop plane flight towards the Peruvian border, landing on a dirt airstrip where we transferred down the bank (literally) to a motorised canoe for a 40 minute ride down the Pastaza and Capahuari rivers to the lodge. The eco-lodge I stayed at, Kapawi (Kap pah wee) is located in one of the most pristine and isolated points in the Amazon Basin. No logging or oil drilling has been done here and the closest town is ten days walk away. Read more

The Famous Otavalo Market

Every Saturday the Otavalo Market in Plaza de los Ponchos swells in size to include peripheral streets, all crammed with small stalls featuring among other things – silver jewellery, painted wooden figures, brightly coloured blankets, scarves, sweaters, hats, gloves and socks made from alpaca wool (so soft and light), leather belts, fake shrunken heads, woven bags and evocative paintings of Ecuadorian scenes. Read more


For $2, I took a bus 2.5 hours north of Quito to spend a week hanging out (and getting over my altitude sickness) in the town of Otavalo, located at an altitude of 2565m in the Northern Andes. I wasn’t going to lose any altitude in a hurry! Buses go about every 20 minutes so as soon as I had bought my ticket and lugged my pack to the kerb, it was already time to board the just-arrived bus and head back over the equator 90km to the north. Read more

Breathless in Quito

Ecuador is home to some of the highest volcanoes and mountain peaks in the world. Quito is the second highest capital in the world, and around 2850m above sea level it does take some acclimatizing to. Flying from Houston (at around sea level) to Quito means I have experienced an elevation change of almost 3km in only 5 hours. Therefore I have had to do some adjusting to the altitude here. Read more

NASA: It’s Only Rocket Science

So I thought the Space Centre would be a little like Disneyland, bright shiny rockets lying about to climb in and simulators everywhere to try my hand at space landings. Sadly for me, it’s not. The NASA Johnson Space Centre in Houston is actually a working centre and people you meet there are busy working on the Orion spacecraft for the next challenge – to go into deep space. Read more

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